We train in a family-friendly environment in which respect and honor are a part of our culture.No Ground-n-Pound,No MMA.No Ego.We believe in training for longevity and are known for our students, high level of technique.We encourage our students to utilize the techniques and strategies they learn when live rolling and not to rely on strength or brute force to overpower their opponent/training partners.This creates a safe-training environment for ALL adults, regardless of size, strength, age, experience or athletic prowess.Classes are Mon-Thurs 630p – 8p.
Paul Silva Jiu-Jitsu offers many programs to fit your needs.From group classes to private instruction, we can ensure you get the attention you need to truly learn the proper technique and build your BJJ skills.


The perfect foundation for your little one. Students learn fundamental movement and techniques, how to move and use their bodies, and increase their balance and agility. Mrs. Mel and her assistants connect with students by creating images they can relate to, making learning techniques fun and exciting through games, challenges, demonstrations and obstacle courses. This is the class in which students learn to understand discipline, honor, respect and integrity as a part of their Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training. Great for kids who need to build confidence and social skills. GREAT way to prep for pre-school and kindergarten! Classes are Mon, Wed and Fri, 4:45 – 5:20p

*Assessment for all 3 & 4-year-old to determine class readiness. MUST BE FULLY POTTY TRAINED.

BIGGS – AGES 7-15*

Designed for all skill levels, from the brand-new beginner to the seasoned competitor. All ranks and ages train together, taught by our Expert Instructors, Professor Paul Silva, his wife, Mrs. Mel, their (now) adult son, Xavier Silva, as well as ranked volunteers from our adults’ classes. Children learn so much more than “just” Brazilian Jiu Jitsu! Our Biggs program fosters an attitude towards mentoring between experienced and beginner students. It is a great way for our Biggs to learn about responsibility, generosity and caring for the younger, less experienced student (Littles). Students will build confidence and learn discipline, respect, honor and integrity as well as body awareness, how to move, increase agility and balance and stability, all through learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques. This program focuses on building champions both on and off the mats! Classes are Mon – Wed and Fri, 5:20pm – 6:20pm.

* Biggs may transition to Adults class as early as 12 years old, depending on weight/height/maturity level.


As members of the Carlson Gracie Competition Team, and San Diego’s Team Headquarters, Paul Silva Jiu Jitsu is known for having one of the BEST Kid’s Competition Teams in Southern California! In this highly technical, fast paced class, Jr Bulldogs will train in a competition setting. They are instructed on advanced techniques, mental toughness, champion mindset, strategy, and sportsmanship. Teammates are required to participate/compete/represent their team in various tournaments throughout the year.
We have high expectations for all of our students, but our Jr Bulldog Competition Team members are held to a higher standard. We require discipline, a good attitude, willingness to learn, and desire to win. Students are required to show proof of good performance and citizenship in school as well as volunteer in a minimum of 4 “give back” events per year (charitable or volunteer event of their choosing). This class is invitation only as it is a higher-level program. If you are interested in your child participating in this program, please speak with Professor Paul or Mrs. Mel. Class days Mon 520-620p and Thurs 5p – 6p


This fun class is held once per week as a way to introduce students to the difference in techniques between Gi and No-Gi. During preparation for No-Gi competitions, this class and times are expanded to our regularly scheduled Gi classes. No-Gi class is held Thurs 6:00PM – 6:30pM.

*5 and 6 years old subject to assessment prior to participation in this class.


Friday’s 6:30PM – 8PM
Great class for adults of all ages and skill level, from beginner to seasoned competitor, high level athletes or those of us just looking to get in shape, learn something new, belong to something bigger than them. Men, Women and Teens – Classes are broken up between beginner and advanced, white belt and ranked, when deemed necessary by the Professor depending on techniques instructed. Classes are a combination of skills and techniques, drills, situational rolling, live rolling, etc. We train in a family-friendly environment in which respect and honor are a part of our culture. No Ground-n-Pound, No MMA. No Ego. We believe in training for longevity and are known for our students’ high level of technique. We encourage our students to utilize the techniques and strategies they learn when live rolling and not to rely on strength or brute force to overpower their opponent/training partners. This creates a safe-training environment for ALL adults, regardless of size, strength, age, experience or athletic prowess. Classes are Mon-Thurs 6:30pm – 8:00pm.


Friday’s 6:30PM – 8PM
This is a non-instructed training session in which Teens and Adults can come together and live roll, drill, practice techniques, etc., at their will. This is non-supervised and non-coached. Students from ALL ACADEMIES are welcome. We require mutual respect from anyone training in our Open Mat setting..


We invite anyone interested in trying a FREE CLASS to come at the appropriate class time on either Monday or Wednesday. Please reach out to Professor Paul or Mrs. Mel to schedule YOUR FREE class TODAY!


Classes are held once per month, announced via MeetUp, Facebook, Instagram and through our FREE AP: Carlson Gracie SD. You can also book a private group Women’s Self Defense class by reaching out to Mrs. Mel. This is a GREAT class for girl’s night out, birthday celebration, Office Team-Building, basic safety and awareness. Although we discuss very serious topics, we do it in a respectful way and we always keep it fun and exciting to learn the techniques. Appropriate for girls and women, ages 12+ (due to sensitive nature of topics discussed). Class price is $25 per person. It is generally 2 hours long. Bring water bottle (we also have water onsite), comfortable clothes to move in, and be prepared to work, have fun and SWEAT! Because this is an interactive class in which you will be able to learn and practice the techniques directly on our “attackers”.


private lessons available in 30 minute and 1-hour sessions. Pick-your-instructor. Purple, Brown and Black Belt level instructors (Silva Family). Hourly rates vary per rank/Instructor. Please reach out to Mrs. Mel or Professor Paul for more information.


Taught by Mrs. Mel. This class will be in a circuit-type training format. Just 30 minutes, so you can go on with your busy day. Class times TBA but will most likely be mornings, a few days a week. This class will incorporate several different exercises and techniques to help you get your heart rate up, get your muscles and body active, and help you feel better, stronger, healthier and more EMPOWERED!


Taught by Mrs. Mel. Drop the older kids at school and bring your toddlers to the Academy! Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Mommy & Me is a GREAT way to spend some quality time just you and your little. Learn how to move and roll with your little one, helping them to build confidence, critical social skills, and improve motor skills. Learn to “rough house” and play with your little in a physical way that helps their movement, balance, and plants the seeds for future Jiu Jitsu skills and techniques. Give yourself a chance to meet and socialize with other moms while your child learns how to interact with other Littles, all while moving, learning and playing together on the mats. Class times TBA



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